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Human Primary Cells

Human primary cells more closely mimic the physiological state of cells in vivo and generate more relevant data representing living systems. ATCC Primary Cell Solutions consist of quality cells, reagents matched and optimized to work with each ATCC primary cell type, relevant information summarized in ATCC Primary Cell Culture Guide, and tips and techniques at your fingertips.

Alphanumeric - Primary Cells

Search a wide collection of cultures alphanumerically.

HCASMC dual staining

Human Primary Cells by Type

ATCC offers human primary cells from a variety of tissue sources, including endothelium, epithelium, and prostate.
HCASMC dual staining

Human Primary Cell Selection Guide

ATCC offers a solution to help investigators overcome the high cost and inconsistency found in routine primary cell culture with the development of ATCC® Primary Cell Solutions®, a standardized cell culture system that includes high quality cells, media, supplements, reagents, and protocols.

Primary Cell Culture Reagents and Media

ATCC offers media and supplements, easy-to-use cell dissociation reagents, and hassle-free cryopreservation media optimized for culturing primary cells.