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A549 Cells and Derivatives

A549 cells have long been the cell model of choice for laboratory experiments in disease areas such as lung cancer, asthma, and toxic shock syndrome and are critical tools for assaying the toxicology of exogenous compounds and efficacy of many drugs.

ATCC provides researchers with a wide variety of A549 cells, CRISPR/Cas9 gene-edited cells, certified reference materials, and cell culture reagents, including:

CRISPR-edited Cells

By utilizing the CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing, ATCC transforms A549 into advanced cell models. We offer a cell line that is sensitive to ALK inhibitors, a CRISPR toolbox cell line, and a cell line that enables real-time monitoring of EMT. These cell lines are ideal in vitro models for anti-cancer drug screening. We also offer a luciferase-expressing A549 cell for in vivo tumorigenesis studies.

A549 Certified Reference Materials

A549 CRM

KRAS mutant, A549 Certified Reference Materials can be used in testing and calibration in ISO 17025 accredited laboratories, to challenge assay performance, validate or compare test methods, and to establish sensitivity, linearity and specificity during assay validation or implementation. ISO Guide 34:2009.

Media and Sera

ATCC can provide the basal culture medium and serum that you need to grow your A549-derived cells. We also carry the parental A549 cell line.