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ATCC Fish Cell Lines

Fish cell lines are used for diverse research applications. Torofugu rubripes (pufferfish) possess a small genome with little junk DNA, while Danio rerio (Zebrafish) have a nearly transparent body during early development and have been used to study toxicology, developmental biology, and specific gene function and signaling pathways. ATCC offers fish cell lines from a variety of tissue sources.

Fish Embryo

ATCC offers zebrafish embryo cell lines, including the ZF4 and ZEM2S.


ATCC offers cell lines derived from the fins of fathead minnow, goldfish and zebrafish.


ATCC’s collection includes cell lines derived from the gills of the walking catfish and rainbow trout.
Ovary cell line


ATCC also has cell lines derived from the ovary of channel catfish and rainbow trout.


The ATCC collection includes the BF-2 cell line derived from the caudal trunk of a Lepomis macrochirus (bluegill)