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Tools for Bioinformatics

Combine the power of physical standards with state-of the-art bioinformatics

ATCC has collaborated with One Codex to bring microbiome research to a completely new level by combining the power of both physical laboratory standards with state-of-the-art bioinformatics. The One Codex platform, powered by a database containing roughly 83,000 whole genomes, provides microbial identification with best-in-class accuracy. Moreover, ATCC has worked in conjunction with One Codex to develop an ATCC Microbiome Standards analysis tool, including:

  • Pre-loaded metadata from ATCC Microbiome Standards
  • Sequences for shotgun or 16S comparative analysis
  • Automated quality scores assessing true positives, false positives, and relative abundance
  • Data management, storage, and graphing capabilities
One Codex One Codex scoring page for ATCC

Find your ATCC Microbiome Standards, download the One Codex User guide, or visit the One Codex site today using the links provided below, and let ATCC become your essential partner in standardizing your microbiome research!

Order Microbiome Standards Read the One Codex User Guide Learn more about One Codex

ATCC has worked hard to develop a product that will deliver reliable and consistent results, and packaged that with the One Codex platform to move microbiome research towards standardization. That is why many of our ATCC Microbiome Standards comes with access* to the One Codex analytical tool.

*Use of the One Codex platform is limited for each purchase of an ATCC Microbiome Standard. Access limitations are provided by item on each ATCC product sheet and product detail page.

Microbiome reference materials

ATCC® Microbiome Standards are the only reference materials on the market completely manufactured from fully sequenced, high-quality ATCC Genuine Cultures® characterized by polyphasic testing. Choose from among a growing selection of whole cell and nucleic acid preparations, and receive access* to One Codex to compliment your microbiome analytical tools.

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Disease State Microbiome

Can’t find the pre-mixed microbiome standards that you need for your disease-state research? ATCC has a wide assortment of cultures to choose from when validating microbiome applications, such as library preparation and NextGen Sequencing, including individual strains related to: 

Respiratory disease

Enteric disease

Sexually transmitted infections

Vector-borne disease

Blood-borne disease

Antimicrobial resistance

Genetic disease

Metabolic disease


Customized Solutions

Need an affordable solution to microbiome standards development, nucleic acid extractions, titering, or cell provisioning & authentication? ATCC can help with customized services and solutions to meet your specific assay development needs.

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