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Assay Development
for Infectious Diseases

DNA Sequencing Gel

ATCC is the key to your assay development success!

The development and validation of any assay starts with a need – the need for quick, reliable, and reproducible answers. ATCC is here to help with each aspect of assay development from design to daily use, including:

  • Fully sequenced strains
  • Certified Reference Materials
  • Quantitative Molecular Standards
  • Custom titering and nucleic acid extraction services
  • Custom packaging solutions

Moreover, ATCC cultures and nucleic acids are produced under ISO 9001:2008 certified and ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited processes, so you can trust your results and reproduce your data – every time. Investigate your assay development solutions by clicking on the links provided below, or:

Download our white paper to discover ways to overcome key challenges during the development and validation of molecular-based assays!

Inclusivity/Exclusivity Testing

Establishing ideal inclusivity/ exclusivity parameters is an essential part of assay validation, particularly when evaluating diagnostic and epidemiological assays whose results can affect public health. Learn more about how ATCC can help with this aspect of assay development.

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Limit of Detection (LOD)

Determining the detection limit is an essential part of infectious disease assay development and design, as the detection of lower concentrations of a target strain can affect the reliability of an assay. Find out how ATCC can help you quickly and accurately assess microbial LOD.

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External Controls

There are a number of different types of external controls that should be employed as part of your good laboratory practices when developing, validating, or evaluating a novel molecular-based assay or tool. Let ATCC serve as your partner in the development and use of external controls.

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