hp2F1 (ATCC® 59512)

Organism: Homo sapiens, human  /  Clone Type: Clone  /  Depositors: R Baserga

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Designations hp2F1
GenBank Number


Species Homo sapiens, human
Depositors R Baserga
Construct size (kb): 4.5
Insert lengths(kb): 1.399999976158142
Tissue: fibroblast
Gene product: adenine nucleotide translocator 1 (skeletal muscle) [ANT1]
Insert Size (kb) 1.400
Media ATCC® Medium 1227: LB Medium (ATCC medium 1065) with 50 mcg/ml ampicillin
Biosafety Level 1

Biosafety classification is based on U.S. Public Health Service Guidelines, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that their facilities comply with biosafety regulations for their own country.

Shipping Information Distributed: freeze-dried
Digestion of plasmid gives (kb): EcoRI--4.5; XhoI--2.9, 1.6; BamHI--3.0, 0.82, 0.7.
Restriction digests of the clone give the following sizes (kb): XhoI--3.0, 1.4; BamHI--3.15, 0.75, 0.61; PstI--3.0, 1.3; HindIII--3.15, 1.25; EcoRI--4.5.
Insert contains the complete coding sequence of a human ADP/ATP carrier.

Battini R, et al. Molecular cloning of a cDNA for a human ADP/ATP carrier which Is growth-regulated. J. Biol. Chem. 262: 4355-4359, 1987. PubMed: 3031073

Hirschhorn RR, et al. Cell-cycle-specific cDNAs from mammalian cells temperature sensitive for growth. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 81: 6004-6008, 1984. PubMed: 6207536