(ATCC® 37478)

Organism: Rattus norvegicus, rat  /  Clone Type: Library  /  Depositors: J Brosius

Permits and Restrictions
Permits and Restrictions

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Species Rattus norvegicus, rat
Depositors J Brosius
brain, 12 weeks old, cytoplasmic poly(A)+ RNA
Tissue: brain, 12 weeks old, cytoplasmic poly(A)+ RNA
Insert size range: > 0.2 - 3 kb
Genome Equivalent: 0.0
Biosafety Level 1
Shipping Information Distributed: frozen
This is the primary amplification.
EcoRI linkers were added during construction. In 10-20% of the inserts composites have been generated, i.e. cDNA from unrelated mRNAs are fused together.

Mocchetti I, et al. Putative diazepam binding inhibitor peptide: cDNA clones from rat. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 83: 7221-7225, 1986. PubMed: 3463960

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Product Sheet
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