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Seeding density for TIB-202

What culture conditions are preferred by ATCC® TIB-202 cells in order to maintain cell viability?

The lot specific information (number of cells and expected viability) from the Certificate of Analysis (COA) should be used to calculate the volume of medium necessary to start the THP-1 cell culture at the recommended seeding density of 3 X 10(5) viable cells/ml.  

TIB-202 are suspension cells. These cells prefer conditioned medium and gentle handling instead of centrifugation and total medium replacement.  Add cell culture media to dilute cells to maintenance densities.

Frequent cell counts are the best way to monitor ATCC® TIB-202 ™ cultures.  These cells should be fed by the simple addition of small amounts fresh medium to the flask (so that they have conditioned medium) every 2 to 3 days.  You do not need to centrifuge the cells each time and re-seed.  When cultured in our labs, by day 2 the cells are typically ready to be expanded to a larger flask with more medium.  It is important to expand the culture when the cell density reaches 8 X 10(5) viable cells/ml. Do not allow the cell density to exceed 1 X 10(6) viable cells/ml. 

Please refer to the section on how to handle suspension cells on page 10 in the ATCC Animal Cell Culture Guide.

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Date Updated07/30/2019 07:59 AM

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