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You select a single catalog category to search and then select either Search All Fields or Field Search. This will reduce the number of hits and allows you to refine your results.

For Field Searching

Use the drop-down browse to select field(s) to narrow your search. When you enter a search term associated with the specific field, only the text in that field will be searched, and other fields that may cause inaccurate results will be ignored. For example, when searching for cell lines, entering horse in the Organism field will retrieve horse cell lines, whereas horse in the All Fields search will retrieve cell lines with "horse" occurring anywhere in the description, such as those requiring horse serum. If you choose more than one field, only records that contain all of the queries matched will be found. There are also some category specific filters at the bottom that allow you to further refine the search, e.g. leaving Biosafety Level blank will return all the levels or you can select a specific Biosafety Level.

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