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This partnership facilitates the distribution of ATCC cultures and bioproducts to life science researchers throughout Europe and India.

LGC's partnership with ATCC facilitates the distribution of ATCC cultures and bioproducts to life science researchers throughout Europe, Africa, and India. Our specific aims are to make access to the important resources of ATCC more easily accessible to the European, African, and Indian scientific communities through local stock holding of more than 5,000 individual culture items supported by our local office network delivering the highest levels of customer service and technical support.

LGC has established a network of European, African, and Indian offices to facilitate and accelerate the ordering process. Both ATCC and LGC are committed in providing customers with authentic research materials and standards in Europe through:

  • Faster delivery of authentic ATCC cultures and bioproducts
  • Communication in same time zone and in native language for many customers
  • Easier payment in national currency or the Euro
  • Provision of local technical support
  • Expediting handling of paperwork related to import permits and special forms
  • No additional charges for order processing, duties and taxes
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Relevant and complementary internal scientific products and services (Pharmaceutical Reference Substances, Reference Materials, and Chemical Analysis)

On behalf of the LGC European Reference Materials Team we thank you for your continued support of our products and services. We look forward to the continued delivery of the highest levels of customer service to support your research programs in the future.