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Ker-CT culture medium
What is the recommended culture medium for Ker-CT cells?

The recommended growth media for ATCC® CRL-4048 ™ Ker-CT  is Lonza KGM-Gold bullet kit (catalog number 192060), which is comprised of 500 mL KBM-Gold™, phenol red-free basal medium (00192151) and KGM-Gold™ SingleQuots™ kit (00192152).  The KGM-Gold™ SingleQuots™ kit contains supplements and growth factors (BPE, hEGF, insulin, hydrocortisone, epinephrine, transferrin and gentamicin/amphotericin-B).

ATCC does not recommend using the gentamicin/amphotericin-B supplement in the culture medium for the Ker-CT cells.

Date Created11/19/2013 11:39 AM
Date Updated03/27/2014 08:43 PM

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