Human genomic DNA (HCC1187) (ATCC® CRL-2322D)

Organism: Homo sapiens, human  / 

Product Format frozen Approx.10 µg
Storage Conditions -20°C or colder in a manual defrost freezer. Avoid freeze-thawing.
Biosafety Level 1

Cell Line Description:

This cell line was initiated on September 13, 1994 from a patient who had received prior chemotherapy. The cell line took 4.5 months to establish. The tumor was classified as TNM stage IIA, grade 3, invasive ductal carcinoma.  Information regarding lymph node metastasis is not available.  The cells are poorly differentiated.  The cells are negative for expression of Her2-neu; they overexpress p53.  HCC1187 is positive for the epithelial cell specific marker Epithelial Glycoprotein 2 (EGP2) and for cytokeratin 19. The cells are negative for expression of progesterone receptor (PR).  DNA isolated from an EBV-transformed lymphoblastoid cell line (HCC1187 BL) from the same patient is available as ATCC CRL-2323D.

Quality Control Specifications

DNA Quality Control Information:

·         > 100 kb in size by agarose gel electrophoresis

·         No RNA detected in the agarose gel

·         A260/A280 ratio ³ 1.8

·         Tested and verified for PCR amplification and restriction digestion.