Vaccinia virus (ATCC® VR-2053)

Classification: Poxviridae, Orthopoxvirus  /  Product Format: frozen

Permits and Restrictions

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Classification Poxviridae, Orthopoxvirus
Agent Vaccinia virus
Strain vP-8 [recombinant Vaccinia virus]
expression vector
Biosafety Level 2
Product Format frozen
Storage Conditions -70°C
Recombinant vaccinia containing pBR322 insert at BamH1 site of HindIII F-fragment of VR-2031 (VTK-79).
This is a recombinant vaccinia virus containing a pBR322 insert at the BamHI site of the HindIII F-fragment of VTK-79 (ATCC VR-2031). Plasmids can be introduced into this mutant by in vivo recombination.
Effect on Host
Cytopathic effects in tissue culture
Effect on Host
Cytopathic effects in tissue culture
Name of Depositor New York State Department of Health

Paoletti E, Panicali D. Modified vaccinia virus. US Patent 4,603,112 dated Jul 29 1986

Paoletti E, Panicali D. Method for immunizing animals with synthetically modified vaccinia virus. US Patent 4,722,848 dated Feb 2 1988

Panicali D, et al. Two major DNA variants present in serially propagated stocks of the WR strain of vaccinia virus. J. Virol. 37: 1000-1010, 1981. PubMed: 6262520

Notice: Necessary PermitsPermits

These permits may be required for shipping this product:

  • Customer Acceptance of Responsibility, ATCC Form 62 required for distribution.
  • Customers located in the state of Hawaii will need to contact the Hawaii Department of Agriculture to determine if an Import Permit is required. A copy of the permit or documentation that a permit is not required must be sent to ATCC in advance of shipment.
  • USDA APHIS VS 16-6 or 16-6A permit must be obtained and a copy of the permit must be sent to ATCC in advance of shipment. The Application Form VS 16-3 (Import controlled material import or transport organisms or vectors) must be submitted to USDA APHIS Veterinary Services to obtain the VS 16-6 or 16-6A permit.
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