potato virus Y (ATCC® PVAS-766)

Classification: Potyvirus  /  Product Format: frozen

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Classification Potyvirus
Agent potato virus Y
Strain potyvirus monoclonal antiserum [PTY10 cross-reactive monoclonal antiserum]
Test method: ACP-ELISA (Reacts in ACP-ELISA, dot-blot and Western-blot assays).
Reacts best with coat protein sub-unit rather than intact virus.
Plant research
Biosafety Level 1
Product Format frozen
Test animal: mouse
Test method: ACP-ELISA (Reacts in ACP-ELISA, dot-blot and Western-blot assays).
Hybridoma: 27G8H11
PTY 10 recognizes a potyvirus group-common, non-virion surface-located, conformation-independent, trypsin-resistant-core protein epitope found on at least 18 (of 30 tested) potyviruses.
Reacts best with coat protein sub-unit rather than intact virus.
Viruses tested, but reactivity not necessarily limited to: potato virus Y, pepper mottle, tobacco etch, tobacco vein mottling, turnip mosaic (7 of 8 strains), tulip breaking, sugarcane mosaic.
Viruses tested, continued: asparagus virus 1, cowpea aphid-borne mosaic, sweet potato latent, watermelon mosaic virus 2, papaya ringspot virus-W, zucchini mosaic, plum pox.
Name of Depositor R Jordan

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