Tomato ringspot virus (ATCC® PV-239)

Classification: Nepovirus  /  Product Format: frozen

Classification Nepovirus
Agent Tomato ringspot virus
Strain Apricot
Plant research
Biosafety Level 1
Prunus armeniaca, Beltsville, MD
Product Format frozen
Virus is not seed transmissible.
Cucumis sativus
Name of Depositor EL Civerolo

Bitterlin MW, Gonsalves D. Serological grouping of tomato ringspot virus isolates: Implications for diagnosis and cross-protection. Phytopathology 78: 278-285, 1988.

Schneider IR, et al. Two nucleic acid-containing components of tomato ringspot virus. Virology 57: 139-146, 1974. PubMed: 4818681