Rickettsia tamurai (ATCC® VR-1594)

Classification: Rickettsiaceae, Rickettsieae  /  Product Format: frozen

Classification Rickettsiaceae, Rickettsieae
Agent Rickettsia tamurai
Strain AT-1
Positive for Mycoplasma Yes
Biosafety Level 3
Product Format frozen
Storage Conditions -80°C or colder  
The AT-1 strain is recognized as the type strain for a newly identified rickettsial species (Rickettsia tamurae), a gram -negative, obligately intracellular and non-motile bacterium.
The preparation available through ATCC tested positive for mycoplasma (Mycoplasma orale) contamination by PCR.
Requests for this agent require special permits and a signed statement assuming all risks and responsibility for laboratory handling.
Effect on Host
Bacteria visible in cells after staining with Gimenez stain.
Recommended Host
Vero cells (ATCC CRL-1587)
Growth Conditions
Recommendations for Infection: 5 days at 32°C, a 5% CO2 in air atmosphere is recommended in EMEM (ATCC 30-2003); with 2mM L-glutamine supplemented with 2% FBS (ATCC 30-2020), following centrifugation at 700 g for one hour at 22°C
Effect on Host
Bacteria visible in cells after staining with Gimenez stain.
Name of Depositor Dr. P. -E. Fournier
Isolated from Amblyomma testudinarium nymph in Anan, Tokushima prefecture, Japan, in 1993

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