Vaccinia virus (ATCC® VR-2379)

Classification: Poxviridae, Orthopoxvirus  /  Product Format: frozen

Classification Poxviridae, Orthopoxvirus
Agent Vaccinia virus
Strain RPmuhr23HA+ [recombinant of Utrecht strain RPuhr23]
in suitable host, produces protein hemagglutinin
Biosafety Level 2
Vaccinia/rabbitpox recombinant
Product Format frozen
Storage Conditions -70°C or colder
Sequences cloned into pHGN3 (ATCC 69051) can be integrated into this virus by transfection of a virus-infected host.
Recombinants can be identified by inactivation of the hemagglutinin gene (HA-).
This is a potential human pathogen.
Parent strain RPuhr23 is a spontaneous white pock mutant of wild-type rabbitpox. The HA inserted in ATCC VR-2379 can serve as a cloning site for genes affecting vaccinia and rabbitpox. ATCC 69051 is a shuttle vector for use with this system.
Avirulent, hemagglutinin positive (HA+) recombinant, derived from the white pock deletion mutant of rabbit poxvirus. Part of a virulence testing system to be used with pHGN3 (ATCC 69051).
The insert contains approximately 443 bp 5' flanking sequence, 988 bp coding sequence and 408 bp 3' flanking sequence.
Constructed by introducing the hemagglutinin gene from vaccinia virus IHD-J by homologous recombination.
Effect on Host
Cytopathic effects in tissue culture
Effect on Host
Cytopathic effects in tissue culture
Name of Depositor University of Florida, Gainesville, RW Moyer, University of Florida, Gainesville
Vaccinia/rabbitpox recombinant

Moyer RW, Bloom DC. Biological system for constructing and testing viral vaccines. US Patent 5,212,057 dated May 18 1993