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Animal Viruses(Alphanumeric (Genus/Species))

  • Murine leukemia virus (ATCC® VR-998)

    ATCC® Number: VR-998
    Classification: Retroviridae,Gammaretrovirus,Mammalian virus group
    Product Format: frozen

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    Strain: Rauscher
    Biosafety Level: 2
    Biologically cloned NIH/3T3s infected with biologically cloned R-SFFV from Rauscher erythroleukemia cell line
    Effect on Host:
    No, in vitro effects: cytopathic effects in NIH/3T3 cells
    Yes, in vivo effects: rescued R-SFFV causes proliferation of hematopoietic stem cells of mice in vivo or in vitro
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