pTG12 [MB4541] (ATCC® 39080)

Applications: shuttle vector  /  Depositors: Merck & Co., Inc.

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Designations pTG12 [MB4541]
Depositors Merck & Co., Inc.
Biosafety Level 1
Distribution host: Escherichia coli RR1; K-12 RR1
Vector Information
Size (kb): 37.4000015258789100
Vector: pTG12 (plasmid)
Construction: pTG6 (ATCC 39079)
Construct size (kb): 37.40000152587891
Features: marker(s): ampR, kanR
replicon: pMB1, TG1
shuttle vector
Maintained as plasmid in E. coli. When undigested plasmid DNA from E. coli is used to transfect protoplasts of Streptomyces cattleya, phage are generated.
This was constructed from pTG6 (ATCC 39079) by deleting a 6 kb fragment which includes the SphI site at 4.75 kb, the PstI site at 6.38 kb, and the BamHI site at 7.27 kb.
Media Medium 1227: LB Medium (ATCC medium 1065) with 50 mcg/ml ampicillin
Growth Conditions
Temperature: 37.0°C

Foor F, Morin NR. DNA cloning vector TG1, derivatives, and processes of making. US Patent 4,460,689 dated Jul 17 1984

Shipped freeze-dried
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