(ATCC® 37356)

Organism: Bacillus subtilis (Ehrenberg) Cohn  /  Clone Type: Library  /  Depositors: JA Hoch

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Species Bacillus subtilis (Ehrenberg) Cohn
Depositors JA Hoch
DNA: genomic
Digest: Partial
Insert size range: 15 kb average
Genome Equivalent: 0.0
Coverage: Clones for "complete" coverage: 500.0
Biosafety Level 1
Shipping Information Distributed: Frozen
Insert DNA was prepared by limiting EcoRI methylase, exhaustive EcoRI digestion.

Ferrari E, et al. Isolation of Bacillus subtilis genes from a charon 4A library. J. Bacteriol. 146: 430-432, 1981. PubMed: 6260747

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