NZP-60 (ATCC® CRL-1924)

Organism: Callithrix argentata, black tailed marmoset  / 

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Organism Callithrix argentata, black tailed marmoset
Product Format frozen
Morphology epithelial
Culture Properties adherent
Biosafety Level 1
The cells can be propagated for at least 12 population doublings beyond frozen reference seed stock.
Complete Growth Medium Dulbecco's modified Eagle's medium, 45%; Ham's F12 medium, 45%; fetal bovine serum, 10%; plus the following additives: 10 ng/ml epidermal growth factor; 0.005 mg/ml insulin; 5 ng/ml selenium; 0.005 mg/ml transferrin
Subcultivation Ratio: A subcultivation ratio of 1:2 to 1:3 is recommended
Medium Renewal: Every 2 to 3 days
Remove spent medium, add fresh 0.25% trypsin, 0.03% EDTA solution, rinse and remove trypsin.
Allow the flask to sit at room temperature, or incubate at 37C, until the cells detach (about 5 to 10 minutes).
Add fresh medium, aspirate and dispense into new flasks.
Name of Depositor L Munson
Basic Documentation

This material is not available for international distribution due to the lack of historical data to support the issuance of a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) export permit