Breast Cancer Mouse Model Cell Line Panel (ATCC® TCP-1005)

Organism: Mus musculus  / 

Organism Mus musculus
Components Eph4Ev, ATCC CRL-3063
B-MEKDD 116, ATCC CRL-3069
Eph4 1424, ATCC CRL-3071
Eph4 1424.1, ATCC CRL-3209
Eph4 1424.2, ATCC CRL-3210
M158, ATCC CRL-3086
NF639, ATCC CRL-3090
Ac 711, ATCC CRL-3092

This panel of cell lines is useful for studying breast cancer, breast cancer metastasis, mouse models of breast cancer, oncogenes in cell transformation, EGFR-MEK signaling pathways, as well as anti-cancer drug discovery and drug resistance.

Biosafety Level 2

The Breast Cancer Mouse Model Cell Line Panel is composed of eight immortalized mouse mammary epithelial cell lines that stably overexpress MEK1 activated mutant (MEKDD), EGFR2/Neu, Myc or Ha-Ras.

Product Format frozen 8 cryopreserved cell lines
Shipping Information Frozen
Storage Conditions liquid nitrogen vapor phase