Geobacillus stearothermophilus (Donk) Nazina et al. (ATCC® 31197)

Strain Designations: B-781  /  Type Strain: no  /  Biosafety Level: 1

Deposited As Bacillus stearothermophilus Donk
Strain Designations B-781
Produces amylase, alpha 1A; salivary Amylase, salivary, alpha-1A
Produces heat- and acid-stable alpha-amylase
Type Strain no
Biosafety Level 1
Product Format freeze-dried
Shipping Information Distributed: freeze-dried
Preceptrol® no
Type Strain no
Medium ATCC® Medium 1027: Acidophilic Stearothermophilus
Growth Conditions
Temperature: 55.0°C
Name of Depositor CPC International, Inc.

Kanno M, et al. Heat and acid-stable alpha-amylase enzymes and processes for producing the same. US Patent 4,284,722 dated Aug 18 1981