cTBIRBP-9 (ATCC® 59986)

Organism: Homo sapiens, human  /  Clone Type: Clone  /  Depositors: RL White, Y Nakamura

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Designations cTBIRBP-9
Species Homo sapiens, human
Depositors RL White, Y Nakamura
Construct size (kb): 48.0
DNA: genomic
Insert lengths(kb): 40.0
Gene product: retinol-binding protein 3, interstitial(retinol-binding protein 3, interstitial (includes former D10S64, D10S65, D10S66)) [RBP3]
Alleles: A2, B2, A1, A2, A2, A2, B2, B2, B2, A1, A1, A1, A1, A1, A1, A2, A2, A2, B1, B1, B2, C1, D1, D2, A1, A2, A3, C2, A1, A1, A1, A1, A1, A1, A1, A1, A1, A2, A2, A2, A2, A2, A2, A2, A2, A2, B1, B1, B1, B1, B1, B1, B2, B2, B2, C1, C1, C1, D1, D1, D1, D2, D2, D2, A1, A1, A1, A2, A2, A2, A3, A3, A3, C2, C2, C2
Insert Size (kb) 40.0
Media ATCC® Medium 1227: LB Medium (ATCC medium 1065) with 50 mcg/ml ampicillin
Biosafety Level 1
Shipping Information Distributed: freeze-dried
Restriction digests of the clone give the following sizes (kb): EcoRI--12.0, 8.4, 6.0, 4.4, 2.15, 1.65, 1.25, 1.2, 0.87, 0.8; BamHI--11.0, 8.8, 7.8, 5.5, 2.6, 2.15, 1.9, 1.7; HindIII--9.4, 8.4, 6.6, 4.4, 3.7, 3.1, 2.2, 1.9, 1.6;
PstI--3.5, 3.0, 2.5, 2.3, 2.2, 2.1 + smaller; XhoI--31.0, 7.8, 0.78.
IMPORTANT: To prevent amplification of a rearranged and/or deleted cosmid, we recommend streaking on LB + amp plates at 30C and picking small colonies for liquid culture.
Enzyme(s) not detecting polymorphism: PstI.

Nakamura Y, et al. Linked markers flanking the gene for multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2A. Genomics 5: 199-203, 1989. PubMed: 2571570

White RL, et al. The CEPH consortium primary linkage map of human chromosome 10. Genomics 6: 393-412, 1990. PubMed: 1970325

Yusuke Nakamura, personal communication

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