Candida glabrata (Anderson) Meyer et Yarrow (ATCC® 15126)

Strain Designations: Mutant TMAGR-23 [CBS 15126, NRRL Y-17770]  /  Product Format: freeze-dried

Deposited As Torulopsis glabrata (Anderson) Lodder et de Vries, anamorph
Strain Designations Mutant TMAGR-23 [CBS 15126, NRRL Y-17770]
Produces killer toxin
Produces purine derivatives
Quality control strain
Quality control strain for API products
Biosafety Level 1
Product Format freeze-dried
Storage Conditions Frozen: -80°C or colder
Freeze-Dried: 2°C to 8°C
Live Culture: See Propagation Section
Type Strain no
Preceptrol® no
Sensitive to killer toxin produced by Schwanniomyces occidentalis ATCC 44252
Killer type K11
Killer toxin-sensitive
Sequenced Data
No DNA sequencing was performed in house on this product.
Name of Depositor Takeda Chem. Ind., Ltd.
Isolation Not available

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API 20C AUX. bioMerieux.