Lung cancer resources

Breathe life into your lung cancer studies with NSCLCs, SCLCs, as well as mesothelioma cell lines, lung cancer cell panels, genomic DNA, and other important controls

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Blood cancer resources

Immune cells, CD34+ and CD14+ progenitor cells, lymphocytes, and leukocytes to elevate your blood cancer research results

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Gastrointestinal cancer resources

Thanks to COSMIC, CCLE, and other databases, we have verified more detailed information about our cell lines than ever before. Construct more informed hypotheses for your high impact colorectal or gastric cancer research with ATCC cell lines, cell panels, and primary cell controls!

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Skin cancer resources

We’ve got skin cancer research covered with melanoma cells, non-melanoma carcinomas, as well as primary and hTERT-immortalized cells for outstanding controls or 3D modeling!

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Breast cancer resources

Support your breast cancer research with cell lines and panels that represent oncologically relevant histological and molecular characteristics

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Reproductive Cancer

It is estimated that over 26,350 deaths every year are due to cancers of the female reproductive system. These cancers can be divided into cervical, endometrial, and ovarian.

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ATCC has organized its resources around six of the most investigated cancers, including lung, blood, GI, skin, breast, and reproductive cancers.

ATCC has been supporting cancer research for over 50 years. Since it was entrusted with its first mammalian cell line in 1962, ATCC has been the leader in cell authentication and safeguarding the identity and traceability of cell lines. Today, ATCC houses the largest collection with over 4,000 fully characterized and authenticated cell lines to support the global cancer research community in understanding how cancer manifests itself and discovering effective treatment options.