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In the last decade, confirmed NDM-1 strains have been attributed to numerous nosocomial infections throughout the world. Regrettably, the isolation and identification of NDM-1 strains is time consuming and often not routinely available in clinical laboratories, further contributing to escalating mortality rates.

ATCC understands the danger and growing concern behind the spread of multidrug-resistance strains. To aid in the prevention and treatment of NDM-1-associated infections, ATCC has acquired and authenticated multidrug-resistant prokaryotic isolates known to produce NDM-1. Each clinical strain has undergone biochemical testing, extensive antibiotic profiling, and genomic analysis to verify:
The table below lists each of the NDM-1 strains available from ATCC.

 ATCC No. Strain Description  Strain Designation  Presence of Select Virulence Genes 
 BAA-2146  Klebsiella pneumoniae 1000527, 7561  blaNDM+/blaKPC-
 BAA-2452  Escherichia coli  NDM-1  blaNDM+/blaKPC-
 BAA-2468  Enterobacter cloacae  1000654  blaNDM+/blaKPC-
 BAA-2469  Escherichia coli  1001728  blaNDM+/blaKPC-
 BAA-2470  Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae  1002565  blaNDM+/blaKPC-
 BAA-2471  Escherichia coli  1100101  blaNDM+/blaKPC-
 BAA-2472  Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae  1100975  blaNDM+/blaKPC-
 BAA-2473  Klebsiella pneumoniae  1100770  blaNDM+/blaKPC-

The strains are available individually, or grouped together in the ATCC® NDM-1 Strains Panel (ATCC® MP-18) to allow for convenience in ordering and bulk discount pricing. The strains are ideal for the development, verification, and evaluation of:
  • Rapid detection methods
  • Innovative therapeutic techniques
  • Novel antibiotics
  • Updated sterility protocols

ATCC hopes that with your diligent research and our authenticated strains, we can stop the spread of these superbugs together!