Streptococcus pneumoniae (Klein) Chester (ATCC® 6323)

Type Strain: no  /  Biosafety Level: 2

Deposited As Diplococcus pneumoniae (Klein) Weichselbaum
Respiratory research
Type Strain no
Biosafety Level 2
Antigenic Properties Type 23 (Danish designation 23F)
Product Format freeze-dried
Storage Conditions Frozen: -80°C or colder
Freeze-Dried: 2°C to 8°C
Live Culture: See Propagation Section
Preceptrol® no
Type Strain no
Antigenic Properties Type 23 (Danish designation 23F)
Name of Depositor BE Eddy

Public Health Rep. 59: 449-468, 1944.

Public Health Rep. 59: 485-499, 1944.

Cross References

Nucleotide (GenBank) : Z99837 Streptococcus pneumoniae gene encoding D-ala D-ala ligase (partial; strain ATCC 6323).